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The meaning of Love

Previously we thank you for your visit to our blog.

Content from our blog is to narrate about personal life of us, hopefully story we earn to be made by Iesson to you to the fore can become betterly.

This blog consist of personal story and anthology of us.

The Meaning Of Love

This is question which often I think of at ownself, question which often animate something that most inmost in this myself, and at the same time most bewildering question.

Love represent theme center which we write in effort comprehend our life, however natural us of muzziness when trying to formulateing it. Love very relate to part; surprisingly, nobody which is our a more regular hurt and also hurt to be compared to one who we love.

In here emerge question: if love it is true our something that wish, then why he very difficult to be found, to be owned and defended??? Love represent dream each and everyone, something that do not desist nya admired. However explaining what meaning love related to this life is not easy problem

This story have of story to about love which in less than a so called young man of Rafly, to a its dream woman, Sandra. Rafly knocked over by longing which is tiara desist to Sandra

" Do I will meet Him today???" my word when awaking up morning. My eye stare at exit deliriously. I wish to meet Him today, and do not want to disturb again

And when Rafly come in contact with Sandra, Rafly very fascinated

What a my heart palpitate when without intending I touch his arms, or when our foot/feet each other coming into contact with under desk! Sometime when us is discussing, She put down his arms on-hand my and conference bring nearer me with its warm breath of to my lip, when Me feel it, sky like lift earth and me embed me

Obsessive Rafly by a kind of feeling doubt: Do Him love me??? Do my love will be reciprocated??? So that Him depict a very dread moment of extreme when Sandra leave it.

I look into Sandra eye, what float its view to each and everyone but do not glittering to me. To ku standing to fetch up all standing looking into it. Then cart bringing it walk and my eye is even also suffused by tear. My catching up him; sudden I see to fasten Sandra fallen down hair out Him and window behold rear, do he is beholding see me? Possible he is beholding to see me. Possible

Sandra always stay in its mind. All other becoming not possible. Woman which he love to become the single all important matter in life. Love is source all the things, assess and beauty of, where without world love will be barren.

What is the meaning of world without love??? What is the meaning of glass otherwise can to mirror???

Four kinds of this remarkable experience: longing, ardour, doubt and feel that someone touch by source a value, affirming romantic vision of love.

Really non a coincidence if unrequited Rafly love. When them meet, Sandra have had life couple candidate, and emotionally Rafly touch to become men which only admiring just him. Finally Rafly even also suicide: He cannot live without Sandra, and Sandra do not want to live with him. But to is not ready of Sandra play role more of subtil. Rafly not possible to make its love spring in Sandra liver garden. He cannot do Sandra or life marry with him. Rafly even cannot express its love without making Sandra confuse and distrust. Hence its feeling remain to in the situation initialy. Its longing have never turned into pleasant something that. He intend to meeting him but He have never known will be like if every day see it. He happy when their feet come into contact with without intending; but that bliss is desisted just because the fact that feet they shouldn't come into contact with under desk. Will that intensity will be immanent if He earn touching him whenever He wish him.

To be Continued...

Erick Wijaya

personal anthology

Previously we thank you for your visit to our blog.

Content from our blog is to narrate about personal life of us, hopefully story we earn to be made by Iesson to you to the fore can become betterly.

This blog consist of personal story and anthology of us.

Small Heaven

Here my stand up with happy heart

Here my see your sweet smile

Here my see to respect him floodlight your eye

Here also me can feel its warmness of your love

This place as small heaven in our heart

Which felt as blowing love our heart

I will never forget will promise us

to be able to take care of this small heaven become beautiful memory

One day which is very heavily for me

Dinda why as soon as that you leave word this ?

I do not have the power to see this pen incision

graven incision in a leaf of chaffy paper

" Darling I is will always there is your heart"

My eye do not have the power to barricade tear drips

Dinda do as soon as that you go from me

Do not do you is remember at small heaven of us?

Between do not and love

I have no idea of what you tell

Really my ignore word will your

You say likely I am as your cat

Can you learn to esteem my feeling

What you do not know myself wt. tell

That me love you more than any

For me you is a which cannot in order not to I love

What a this love depth to you

Is your heart lugubrious when hearing my heart scream

Which uninterruptedly lay open

What a heartfelt is my love at you

Soybean cake you is feeling distortion in my heart

You say " Do not" likely small something that

Really suffering moment myself him you say that

Why you do not try just although once

Try to esteem my feeling which love you

My expectation

I is conciousness I do not as good as you

She in advance get your gold heart

I are conscious even also you it is true disproportionately with me

I and you it is true cannot coalesce

But can you see to feel this float at you

Do not can you catch to feel that?

I hope to feel that earn you inculcate in your heart

Love which so in my heart

Although which is its butterfly only a love

Do not the way he did owning anything

I is I and I it is true me

Which is its butterfly only a expectation

Expectation, expectation, expectation....

Possible you is expectation value is a nonsense

But for me do not, for me expectation do not more than simply road

Road to get a integrity of your love to me.

Ricky Bachtiar